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Such effects on profitability are evident both for companies which allow developers to plug into their systems, and for small businesses that use API access to develop applications which enhance the functionality of existing services. Chute is a visual marketing platform that allows users to search for media such as photos and videos that align with their marketing needs. Chute has released a developer API that provides access to its services, letting developers integrate the functionality of Chute with other applications.

Chute is cool because it is, in essence, a media management tool, which enables developers to add media capture, management, metadata, and publishing to applications or websites.

Example Uses. Examples of how you can use the Chute API include:. WebDAM is a cloud-based digital asset management software used by companies to organize their digital assets, such as images, logos, and videos. The interesting thing about the WebDam API is how it provides several opportunities and ways to enhance digital asset management. Slack is a cloud-based team communication service, used to bring together messages, files, and posts from Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, and other services.

Some of the main uses for this team collaboration API are:. Houndify provides smart, voice-enabled, conversational interfaces to anything with an internet connection. Lusha is a platform which locates business and individual profile information, such as emails and phone numbers, and it is used for recruitment, marketing, and sales purposes. Broadly speaking, a contacts API provides access to contact details.

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Astronomy is one of those rare areas that most people can agree is fascinating. Regardless of your personal interests, there are enough fascinating APIs for you in the above list to experiment with during Sign in. Ronan Follow. Ronan is a freelance writer who writes about technology, self-improvement, and philosophy topics. Outside of writing, he loves cooking and reading.

Free Public APIs for Developers APIs

Bursts of code to power through your day. Web Development articles, tutorials, and news.If you're a developer, you probably love finding recommendations within your community, while discussing your small or large discoveries about APIs. The open APIs sector is very much used to participating in debates, giving its opinion and working collaboratively.

So it's easy to find listings or valuable suggestions for all tastes. The website specializing in APIs and one of the most popular for finding links between them published a list a long time ago that continues to spread like wildfire. It mainly focuses on some especially entertaining ones with a varied nature:.

As an example, Portrait 3D API : providing software developers with a technology for creating animated facial models based on photos. Meanwhile, Quora, the site focusing on questions and answers, also has a thread about fun APIs. For example, Benjo Libora developer from Berlin, gives his list of APIs as diverse as Love calculatorwith which adding your name and your partner's the API dictates the degree of compatibility of your love; or Crime Datawhich allows you to obtain data from more recent and historical crimes so that everyone can feel safe in your neighborhood.

Along the same lines we find threads in Reddit, the social bookmarking and news aggregator website where it is the users who leave links.

Fun with Phil - Refactoring an Express API - Linting, Tests, Middlewares and MVC

They can also vote for or against the other comments. Thus, in one of them, dedicated precisely to cool APIs, we find some of the most widely used such as YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud with comments with their strengths and weaknesses, but also more original ones such as:. This offers one of the most elaborate proposals on this subject and even dedicates a series of articles to it. The series takes a journey through the sectors that are getting the most out of it: Internet of Things, airlines, banking, cosmetics and entertainment.

fun apis

Finally, Ask metafilter also has an entry with some very interesting names. Including the Twilio API - making it possible to add telephony features to our applications or websites - but also others.

An example? Sunlight Foundation's APIsthat make it possible to query data in near real time on official events on Capitol Hill, including bills, votes and legislators. Are you interested in financial APIs?

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App users must be aware that a button Therefore, app buttons must be designed in such a way that users should feel invited to interact with the interface and actually click on it. Mashup The website specializing in APIs and one of the most popular for finding links between them published a list a long time ago that continues to spread like wildfire.

It mainly focuses on some especially entertaining ones with a varied nature: - With the focus on image.In order to give you better service we use cookies. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. By Kong on May 10, Continue reading Read more We are very proud to announce some very important community updates for Kuma, with the goal of making Kuma more open and more inclusive to the broader open source ecosystem:….

List of fun and interesting APIs to try out!

We are pleased to announce the next release of our flagship enterprise offering, Kong Enterprise 1. This follow-up release adds additional stability and features on top of our last major…. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy Agree. Translate text to and from l33t sp34k! Provides trivia, math, date, and year facts about numbers. The objective of this service is to provide you and your robot with the smartest answer to any natural language question, just like Siri.

New ones are being added all the time! The database is also being expanded with new categories and feedback mechanisms coming soon!! Try it with blog posts, article text, speeches, tweet histories, emails, or any other written word. Related Articles. This follow-up release adds additional stability and features on top of our last major… Continue reading. A really simple api that lets you convert text to speech.

This API instantly generates high quality speech from text. An API for interesting facts about numbers. EgyptoName translate your name and create a beautiful image using the Egyptian Hieroglyphics. With this API you can easily create a full Texas Holdem game, just create the graphic and associate it with the results.

Generate Word Clouds from blocks of text.

fun apis

With this API you can easily develop a bingo game, just design the graphic.These APIs are open to the public and are free to use or have a freemium model.

This is the perfect place for developers to browse APIs for testing. You'll find tons of great APIs to provide the data necessary to integrate into your website, software app, or mobile apps. You'll find tons of great APIs to help enrich your application including URL shorteners, social media, ip geolocation, batch geocoding, maps, natural language processing, weather data, and tons more. Learn more about types of APIs.

Credit cards are required for freemium APIs in case developers incur overages. According to a top quora answera good API would include:.

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Simplicity allows to quickly start to use an API and to be productive with it without having to constantly dive in the docs on each step. Consistency is important because it eases learning. If similar functions have similar parameters in same order, you memorize a schema, not lot of different functions. Completeness is the capability to answer all user needs without using workarounds, complex code, or having to open issues to ask for missing features.

Flexibility is also trying to answer a maximum of user needs.

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What fun or exciting APIs are we missing from this list? Have a question about a specific integration, dataset, language, interface, or developer portal? Let us know at the blog.

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An open API often referred to as a public API is a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service. APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can communicate and interact with another. Source: Wikipedia. Learn more how to use the API.

Log In Sign Up. Related APIs. Coronavirus monitor. Types of APIs You'll find tons of great APIs to help enrich your application including URL shorteners, social media, ip geolocation, batch geocoding, maps, natural language processing, weather data, and tons more. What are Free APIs?

fun apis

What are Freemium APIs?New developer tools are being released daily, and at times you'll probably find yourself choosing between doing your real work and exploring new technologies. Among these developer tools are at least 14, public APIs application program interfaceprovided by companies to save time, directly solve developer problems or augment their popular services.

While disappearing for a day or two diving into something new can be great fun, not everything immediately leads to useful results. I've put together a list of great APIs, based upon years of research and a few opinions.

So instead of spending the rest of your life exploring every API, you can first focus on the 15 in this article. The search giant's geographic service is now on millions of websites and has become the de facto standard for embedding location maps. Pair its ubiquity with the rise in mobile and it becomes a necessary part of any developer's toolbox. A basic use case is plotting places, such as local search results, as markers on a map.

You might also add paths for multiple points. More advanced usage creates interactions between frontend code and the map — for example, click a search result and highlight the place on the map.

Google Maps has become a suite of APIs, but this one deserves to be called out on its own. The Google Geocoding API accepts a location name — such as an address, city, or postal code — and returns the geographic coordinates needed to plot the place on a map. There are plenty of other options, but none rival the quality of Google results at a global scale. For one, the company starts with a parcel-level lookup, then hones the data using its Street View technology.

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Note that if you use the Google Geocoder, you must combine it with a Google Map. The company's recent acquisition of AlchemyAPI extends the suite of intelligent calculations to include visual identification. Among Watson and AlchemyAPI's toolset are features that allow developers to determine keywords in a block of text, extract relations and other data from any text, and even recognise faces or objects in photos.

If you need some intelligence in your app, you'd be silly to build the NLP and other technology on your own. Instead, focus on what your app will do with that intelligence. From one kind of intelligence to another, FullContact provides information about the person behind an email address.A collective list of APIs.

Explore Apis. By Last Updated By Upvotes. Get random Facts on different topics. Read More. Integrate custom and unique looking QR codes into your system or workflow. This API is perfect for creating thousands of high qual An API for interesting facts about numbers. Provides trivia, math, date, and year facts about numbers. MEME Generator. A fee API to query a db of s of cocktails, you can search for recipes, images of specific cocktails, ingredients, filter by al Generate memes with a simple link!

Unique APIs to Try APIs

Books, book covers and related data Football Data Tolkien and the movie adaptio Facebook API. Helps developers build, grow and monetize their business. Food API. The API is used to create orders, retrieve files Robohash Image Generator. Generates cool looking robot image for any text Application development. Daily cat facts Stock information and data Spotify Web. Data mining. QuickChart generates chart and graph images.

fun apis

These static chart images are suitable for embedding in email, SMS, chatbots, and otSkip to main content. Add Your Api. Write for us Become member Login. Become member Login. Source Code. Humor Apis.

6 Interesting APIs to Check Out in 2020

If your favorite API or SDK is missing or you have an idea for contributing content, be sure to check our guidelines for making such contributions to ProgrammableWeb. Taunt as a service, how cool is that? Fun Generators supports access to a full set of generators to Entertainment REST v1. Humor REST v0. Entertainment REST v0. This is a very uniformly and Developers can add new fortunes or specify a genre by adding the datfile It enables developer with the ability to build an application or Notes from the developer: "Corporate bullshit is the icing on the cake, proof that not Humor REST v1.

The API supports several phrase libraries to choose from, and the Slapbot is trained by professional comedians. JSON is The Cat Facts! API allows users to send a daily cat fact via text message and comes with a countdown clock until the next fact is sent. Developers can use the API to create and view a list of fact This metadata is provided in an easily-parsed, Calendars REST v0. It deploys JSON format to process requests and return randomized responses The Be Like Bill meme is a stick figure that ignores trolling or offensive behavior that he runs Engagement REST v0.

Stickers can be used for messaging, photo editing, reactions, and commenting.

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